New PPP available for 50 MW solar farm in Ivory Coast.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 11, 2024
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Building a 50 MWp solar power plant in the north of Ivory Coast is a significant step towards sustainable energy development. The government of Ivory Coast has recently signed a concession agreement with Kong Solaire, a new investor, to construct this solar farm. This project aims to provide clean electricity to the historic town of Kong and surrounding communities. Through a public-private partnership (PPP), the solar power plant will contribute towards meeting the energy needs of over 240,000 people annually.

Investing in Sustainable Energy

The investment required for this solar project is estimated to be around 56 million euros, signaling a commitment to enhancing the country’s energy sector. Mamadou Sangafowa-Coulibaly, the Minister of Mines, Petroleum, and Energy in Ivory Coast, views this initiative as a key component of the country’s master plan to increase electricity generation capacity significantly by 2040. This strategic plan aims to triple the current capacity to meet the growing demands of the economy and households.

Partnership and Progress

The financing for the solar power plant will be provided by two key shareholders, Africa Via and InfraCo Africa. The signing of the concession agreement marks a milestone in the development of renewable energy infrastructure in the region. This project follows another 52 MWp solar power plant agreement signed by the Ivorian government, showcasing a commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Driving Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability

By investing in renewable energy projects like the 50 MW solar farm, Ivory Coast is not only enhancing its energy capacity but also contributing to environmental conservation and sustainable development. The shift towards solar energy will reduce reliance on traditional fossil fuels, leading to a cleaner and more sustainable energy mix for the country.


The establishment of a PPP for the construction of a 50 MW solar farm in the north of Ivory Coast signifies a significant step towards achieving the country’s energy goals. Through strategic partnerships and investments in renewable energy projects, Ivory Coast is paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future. The development of solar infrastructure not only benefits the economy but also contributes to environmental protection and long-term sustainability.

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