Avangrid powers up Powell Creek with new solar panels installed.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 11, 2024
Avangrid installs first solar panels at Powell Creek.jpegOrginal image from: https://www.energyglobal.com/solar/11072024/avangrid-installs-first-solar-panels-at-powell-creek/

Avangrid, a prominent sustainable energy company and a member of the Iberdrola Group, has recently achieved a significant milestone by installing the first row of solar panels at its Powell Creek solar project in Putnam County, Ohio near Miller City. This ‘Golden Row’ marks the beginning of the construction process for this innovative project, which aims to contribute to the growth of renewable energy generation and support the transition towards clean energy in the region. With over 1000 panels already in place, Avangrid is making remarkable progress at the Powell Creek site.

Avangrid’s Renewable Energy Endeavors

Avangrid’s CEO, Pedro Azagra, expressed excitement about the progress at the Powell Creek solar project, highlighting its significance as a foundational step for future construction activities. The project, situated on leased land, is expected to feature approximately 300,000 solar panels capable of powering over 30,000 homes annually. Not only does this initiative promote renewable energy generation, but it also provides a boost to the local economy by creating up to 400 jobs during the construction phase, with a focus on hiring individuals from the surrounding community.

Community Support and Development

The Powell Creek project is not only beneficial for clean energy production but also for the community it serves. Avangrid anticipates that the project will offer direct support through property tax contributions and payments to landowners. Additionally, the neighboring town of Miller City stands to benefit from the project, as it has the potential to expand its tax base significantly. This growth is expected to enable the town to invest in infrastructure development, such as a new sewer line, paving the way for further expansion and development within the community.

Mayor’s Perspective

Mayor Jim Erford of Miller City expressed enthusiasm about the positive impact the Powell Creek project is expected to bring to the town. He highlighted the potential for significant growth, increased tax revenues, and the attraction of new families and businesses to the area. This development is poised to transform the community and create new opportunities for residents, marking a significant milestone in the town’s progress and prosperity.

Project Progress and Future Outlook

Construction at Powell Creek commenced in the previous year, marking Avangrid’s second renewable energy project in Ohio after the successful establishment of the Blue Creek wind farm. The company’s commitment to expanding its renewable energy portfolio underscores its dedication to advancing clean energy initiatives and supporting sustainable practices. The Powell Creek project exemplifies Avangrid’s strategic approach to contributing to the growth of renewable energy sources and driving positive change in the communities it serves.

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