Phelan Green Energy invests $2.4B in green ammonia for Peru.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 10, 2024
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Phelan Green Energy recently announced a groundbreaking investment of USD 2.4 billion in Peru to establish a large-scale green ammonia production plant. This significant commitment was revealed during a special meeting with Peruvian Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzén and his cabinet in Lima. The investment aims to develop a solar-powered green ammonia plant in the Arequipa region, utilizing the abundant low-cost solar energy available in the area.

Strategic Location and Government Support

The Peruvian government has granted a 4,000-hectare concession in the Arequipa region for the construction of the green ammonia production plant. Additionally, a 50-hectare concession has been approved for the processing plant in the coastal port of Matarani. These strategic locations provide the necessary infrastructure and resources for harnessing solar energy and producing green hydrogen and ammonia efficiently.

Production Capacity and Expansion Plans

The planned facilities are designed to produce 440,000 tonnes of green ammonia annually, with future plans to increase production to 1 million tonnes in both Peru and South Africa. This ambitious investment aims to meet the rising demand for green ammonia in key markets such as the European Union, Japan, and Peru. By focusing on maximizing production capacity in strategic regions, Phelan Green Energy aims to become a leading global supplier of low-cost green energy.

Environmental Impact and Industry Leadership

Chairman Paschal Phelan highlighted the importance of the project in ensuring a sustainable and economically viable supply of green energy. This investment represents a significant step forward for Peru’s renewable energy sector, positioning the country as a key player in the global green hydrogen and ammonia market. By consolidating green hydrogen projects and emphasizing sustainability, Phelan Green Energy is leading the way in driving innovation and environmental stewardship.

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