Phelan Green Energy building massive green hydrogen plant in Peru.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 10, 2024
Phelan Green Energy to Build $2.3 Billion Green Hydrogen Plant in La Joya, Peru.pngOrginal image from:

Phelan Green Energy is embarking on a groundbreaking project to construct a green hydrogen plant in La Joya, Peru, with a staggering investment of $2.3 billion. This plant, fueled by a 1.8 GW solar facility, is poised to produce 80,000 tons of green hydrogen annually. The project has received official authorization and is hailed as a venture of national significance that will benefit the entire country.

Revolutionizing Energy Production in Peru

The ambitious green hydrogen plant project in La Joya is set to unfold in three phases, utilizing 1.8 GW of new solar power to generate 80,000 tons of green hydrogen per year. The hydrogen will then be converted into 440,000 tons of ammonia for export through the port of Matarani, utilizing desalinated seawater for the electrolysers. Situated on vast land in the La Joya desert, owned by the Peruvian Ministry of Defense, both the hydrogen and ammonia production units will herald a new era of sustainable energy production in Peru.

Strategic Investment and Development

Gustavo Adrianzen, President of the Council of Ministers of Peru, emphasized the substantial investment required for this project, underscoring the $2.3 billion commitment to its development. The innovative approach of combining solar power with green hydrogen production showcases Phelan Green Energy’s dedication to advancing renewable energy technologies and fostering sustainable practices in the region.

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