Innovative solar lighting for borders and islands.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 10, 2024
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A revolutionary solar-powered lighting system has been developed by a local research team, combining solar energy with Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This innovative system is designed for trial application in border and island areas that lack infrastructure and access to the national grid, providing efficient and sustainable lighting solutions.

Intelligent Lighting System Using Solar Energy

The intelligent lighting system developed by a research team from Rang Dong Light Source and Vacuum Flask JSC has been successfully tested in various border and island areas of Vietnam. This system not only meets the lighting needs of these remote locations but also minimizes environmental impact while ensuring stability and security.

IoT Integration and AI Technology

The system is equipped with IoT sensors that collect data on light, temperature, humidity, and battery status. This data is then sent to a control center for remote monitoring and management. AI technology is integrated into the system to analyze the collected data, make predictions, and adjust operations, optimizing lighting performance and extending battery life.

Key Components and Benefits

The system includes solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, storage batteries, a smart controller for system management, and high-efficiency LED lights for strong illumination while saving energy. Dr. Tran Thi Hanh from the Vietnam Institute of Energy Science highlights that this project not only addresses basic lighting needs but also sets the stage for renewable energy and smart technology applications in various sectors.

Investment in Sustainable Development

Aligned with the government’s sustainable development objectives, Sao Do Group and CME Solar Investment JSC have collaborated to invest in a rooftop solar power system within Nam Dinh Vu Industrial Park in Haiphong. This investment signifies a commitment to green energy and sustainable practices in industrial settings.

Rural Road Solar Lighting Initiative

SLP Vietnam and Long An Youth Union have inaugurated a rural road solar lighting project in Long An province, promoting a “Bright – Green – Clean – Beautiful – Safe” environment along Kenh T6 street. This initiative showcases the importance of solar energy in enhancing safety and sustainability in rural areas.


The development of solar-powered lighting systems for border and island areas represents a significant step towards providing efficient and sustainable solutions for communities with limited access to traditional energy sources. By integrating solar energy, IoT, and AI technology, these systems not only address immediate lighting needs but also pave the way for future applications of renewable energy and smart technologies in various sectors.

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