Cologne epilot wins €10M for green energy digital transformation.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 10, 2024
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Epilot, a Cologne-based company, has recently secured €10M in funding from Expedition Growth Capital to support the green energy transition through digital transformation. This investment will be used to accelerate the product roadmap, expand the team, and enhance AI capabilities. The company aims to empower energy and utility companies to adopt renewable energy seamlessly.

Empowering the Green Energy Transition

Epilot, founded in 2017, is focused on providing cloud-native software solutions to support the energy transition. By streamlining processes and reducing complexity, the company enables utilities and grid operators to keep up with customer needs and manage increased workloads efficiently. Epilot’s platform helps connect customers to renewable energy systems at home, reducing reliance on outdated tools and accelerating project completion.

The Mission of Epilot

Epilot’s CEO, Michel Nicolai, emphasizes the company’s mission to accelerate the energy transition. Although already growing sustainably, the recent funding will enable Epilot to execute its platform roadmap and expansion plans more rapidly. The partnership with Expedition Growth Capital signifies a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards achieving scalability and industry impact.

Solving Industry Challenges

Epilot addresses the challenges posed by outdated IT systems in the energy sector, hindering the shift to renewable energy. By providing innovative software solutions, the company revolutionizes sales processes, automates tasks, and enhances customer experiences. Epilot’s success is reflected in its strong customer base, revenue growth, and commitment to driving digital transformation in the energy industry.

Expedition Growth Capital: A Strategic Investor

Expedition Growth Capital, a software specialist equity firm, partners with high-growth software companies to drive innovation and market expansion. The collaboration with Epilot highlights the potential for digital transformation in the energy sector and the value of sophisticated SaaS solutions in facilitating green energy adoption. The partnership aims to leverage Epilot’s expertise and vision to revolutionize the energy industry.

Future Outlook

With the new funding secured, Epilot is poised to make significant strides in empowering the green energy transition through digital transformation. The company’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer value sets a strong foundation for continued growth and industry leadership. As Epilot continues to evolve and expand its product offerings, the impact on the energy sector is expected to be transformative.

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