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By Oliver Townsend Jul 10, 2024
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Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers recently filed a lawsuit against Everlight Solar for their unlawful door-to-door sales tactics and misleading practices when selling solar panel systems. The lawsuit alleges that Everlight’s salespeople use deceptive representations about cost savings, engage in aggressive solicitation tactics, and mislead consumers regarding partnerships with reputable institutions. These unethical practices have led to consumer complaints and prompted legal action to protect Nebraskans from being taken advantage of in a challenging economic climate.

Unlawful Sales Tactics

Everlight Solar’s salespeople have been accused of harassing consumers by ignoring “no solicitation” signs, visiting homes outside of permitted hours, and pressuring residents to make purchases. This intrusive behavior violates solicitation codes and disrupts the peace and privacy of Nebraska residents. The lawsuit aims to stop these unfair practices and hold Everlight accountable for their aggressive sales tactics.

Deceptive Cost Savings Representations

Everlight Solar has misled customers by providing inaccurate information about the potential cost savings associated with solar panels. By exaggerating the benefits of their products, such as claiming total elimination of electric bills or reimbursement checks, Everlight has lured consumers into purchasing costly systems that may not deliver the promised savings. The lawsuit seeks to address these deceptive practices and ensure that consumers are not misled into making uninformed decisions.

False Partnerships Representation

Another issue raised in the lawsuit is Everlight Solar’s misrepresentation of partnerships with Nebraska institutions like OPPD and local athletic programs. By falsely claiming endorsements from reputable organizations, Everlight’s salespeople have exploited the trust and goodwill associated with these institutions to deceive consumers. The lawsuit aims to prevent Everlight from leveraging false partnerships to manipulate consumers and protect the integrity of these institutions.

Legal Action and Relief

The lawsuit was filed in the District Court of Lancaster County, Nebraska, alleging violations of the Consumer Protection Act and the Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers is seeking a court order to stop Everlight’s deceptive sales tactics, impose penalties on the company, and provide relief to affected consumers. By taking legal action against Everlight Solar, the Attorney General’s office aims to safeguard Nebraskans from unethical business practices and ensure fair treatment for all consumers.

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