Vietnam’s Nami Distributed Energy secures $10M from Clime Capital.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 9, 2024
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Vietnam’s Nami Distributed Energy recently received a significant investment of $10 million from Clime Capital, a Singapore-based fund manager focused on accelerating the low carbon transition. Nami Distributed Energy, based in Vietnam, is a clean energy company that specializes in providing innovative distributed energy solutions for commercial and industrial clients. This investment, made through the Southeast Asia Clean Energy Fund II (SEACEF II), aims to support Nami’s growth and its positive impact on businesses in Vietnam.

Investment in Sustainable Energy Solutions

The investment from Clime Capital comes at a crucial time for Vietnam, as the country experiences a breakthrough in energy policy with the introduction of Decree 80/2024/ND-CP on Direct Power Purchase Agreements (DPPA). This decree opens up significant opportunities for distributed and grid-connected renewable energy solutions. With this new investment, Nami is well-positioned to expand its rooftop solar and on-site energy solutions for commercial and industrial customers across Vietnam.

Nami Distributed Energy’s Mission

Nami Distributed Energy, a subsidiary of Nami Energy, was founded by Vietnamese investors with extensive experience in the energy sector. The company offers solar energy solutions, battery storage, and energy efficiency measures to help businesses access sustainable and cost-effective power. Nami has established partnerships with both international and local corporations in Vietnam to deploy rooftop solar and energy solutions for manufacturing and business operations.

Positive Impact on Vietnam’s Energy Market

Nami’s innovative approach to distributed energy solutions positions the company as a leader in Vietnam’s evolving power market. The investment from SEACEF II underscores the potential for Nami to drive transformational impact in the clean energy sector. Clime Capital’s support for Nami Distributed Energy’s expansion reflects a commitment to growing renewable energy facilities and advancing Vietnam’s decarbonization goals.

Collaboration for Sustainable Growth

With the Vietnamese government’s target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, Nami Distributed Energy is poised to collaborate with stakeholders like Clime Capital to create positive environmental and economic impacts. By leveraging their project pipeline and expertise, Nami aims to deliver sustainable energy solutions that support businesses in achieving decarbonization and sustainable growth objectives.


The investment from Clime Capital in Nami Distributed Energy highlights the growing momentum towards sustainable energy solutions in Vietnam. As the country embraces clean energy policies and targets, companies like Nami are at the forefront of driving innovation and impact in the renewable energy sector. By partnering with investors like Clime Capital, Nami Distributed Energy is well-positioned to accelerate its growth and contribute to Vietnam’s transition towards a more sustainable and low-carbon future.

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