iYacht unveils eco-friendly and sleek 55-foot solar-powered sailing catamaran.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 9, 2024
iYacht unveils 55-foot solar electric performance sailing catamaran built from scrap metal.jpegOrginal image from: https://electrek.co/2024/07/09/iyacht-unveils-solar-electric-sailing-catamaran-built-from-scrap-metal/

In the realm of sustainable marine vessels, iYacht GmbH has made a groundbreaking announcement with the unveiling of their 55-foot solar electric performance sailing catamaran, the Hu’chu 55. This innovative vessel, built from over 90% scrap metal, is a shining example of sustainable design and circularity in action. Led by CEO Udo A. Hafner, the iYacht team has a track record of over 400 marine projects, making the Hu’chu 55 a significant leap forward in terms of sustainability and circularity.

The Vision Behind Hu’chu 55

Commissioned by actor, producer, and environmental entrepreneur Daniel Roesner, the Hu’chu 55 was a project designed with circularity at its core. The vessel was constructed using recycled and recyclable materials, with over 90% of the aluminum sourced from discarded items such as license plates, road signs, and cosmetic cans. This commitment to sustainability extends to other materials used in the vessel, including natural fibers, reclaimed wood, and recycled cork.

Solar Electric Technology

While the Hu’chu 55 is fundamentally a sailing catamaran, it is equipped with solar electric technology to reduce its environmental impact. The photovoltaic panels onboard generate electricity to power essential functions like an editing bay, water treatment, and vegetable growing. In instances where sailing is not feasible, the vessel is propelled by two electric motors powered by a battery pack of over 100 kWh, which can be recharged through both solar panels and hydrogeneration.

An Eco-Friendly Living Platform

Roesner envisions the Hu’chu 55 not just as a sailing vessel but as a platform for sustainable research, adventure, film production, and circular living. With plans to collaborate with divers, scientists, and filmmakers on environmental projects, Roesner aims to use the vessel as a tool for promoting sustainability and exploring the world’s oceans. By living aboard the Hu’chu 55 and producing documentaries about the marine environment, Roesner hopes to inspire others to embrace sustainable practices.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Roesner is eager to find like-minded partners to bring the Hu’chu 55 into series production, making this innovative technology more accessible to a wider audience. By continuing to champion sustainability at sea, Roesner aims to pave the way for a new era of eco-friendly marine vessels. The Hu’chu 55 stands as a testament to the power of sustainable design and circularity in shaping the future of maritime exploration.

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