Get funding for solar permits in California cities and counties.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 9, 2024
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The California Energy Commission recently announced a groundbreaking initiative to accelerate the adoption of rooftop solar energy in communities across the state. With a total of $18.9 million in grants distributed to 334 cities and counties, the program aims to streamline the approval process for residential solar permits through automation. This strategic move is expected to not only boost the speed of installations but also reduce costs and drive widespread solar adoption in California.

Streamlining Solar Permitting Process

One of the major challenges hindering the progress of solar projects in California is the complex and time-consuming permitting process. Property owners looking to install rooftop solar systems are required to obtain permits from local building departments, a process plagued by outdated regulations and staffing shortages. These obstacles often result in significant delays and additional expenses for solar projects, prompting many property owners to abandon their plans altogether. The lack of resources and expertise among building officials further compounds the problem, making it difficult to improve the permitting process.

The California Automated Permit Processing Program (CalAPP)

To address these challenges, the California Energy Commission introduced the California Automated Permit Processing Program (CalAPP), which offers grants and technical support to cities and counties to automate the permitting process for residential solar and battery systems. By leveraging tools provided by CalAPP, contractors can secure permits instantly, eliminating unnecessary delays and reducing project costs. The program, which closed applications in June 2024, has already made a significant impact on the solar industry in California.

Legislation Driving Automation

In addition to the CalAPP program, California has taken proactive steps to mandate the automation of residential solar and storage permitting by local governments. Large cities and counties were required to comply with the new legislation by June 30, signaling a commitment to faster and more affordable rooftop solar installations. The Energy Commission has been monitoring compliance and sharing progress reports online, underscoring the state’s dedication to achieving its clean energy goals.

Empowering Communities Through Automation

The automation of solar permitting is crucial for expanding access to clean energy, combating climate change, and transitioning to a more sustainable energy future. By adopting free software tools like SolarAPP+ from the Department of Energy or partnering with tech companies like Symbium, cities and counties can streamline their permitting processes and facilitate the growth of rooftop solar installations. The widespread adoption of automation tools not only benefits residents and solar businesses but also contributes to environmental conservation and grid resilience.

Driving Efficiency and Innovation

Automating solar permitting is not just a technical upgrade but a transformative step towards a more efficient and responsive regulatory environment. By embracing automation, communities can reduce administrative burdens, cut down processing times, and encourage innovation in the solar industry. The success of initiatives like CalAPP and the legislative mandate for automation exemplify California’s leadership in fostering sustainable energy practices and driving positive change at the local level.


The grants provided by the California Energy Commission to cities and counties for automated solar permitting represent a significant investment in the future of clean energy in the state. By streamlining the permitting process, reducing costs, and accelerating solar installations, these initiatives are paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape in California. As more communities embrace automation and innovation in solar permitting, the vision of a clean energy future becomes increasingly tangible and achievable.

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