Emeren Group sells 42 MWp RTB Solar Project Portfolio Spain

By Oliver Townsend Jul 9, 2024
Emeren Group Sells a 42 MWp RTB Solar Project Portfolio in Spain.pngOrginal image from: https://www.stocktitan.net/news/SOL/emeren-group-sells-a-42-m-wp-rtb-solar-project-portfolio-in-shfmoxsyb6q1.html

Emeren Group recently announced the sale of a 42 MWp RTB (Ready to Build) solar project portfolio in Spain to CVE España, a French Independent Power Producer (IPP). This portfolio consists of eight Greenfield projects developed by Emeren since 2021, with each project ranging from 5MW to 6MW. The projects are strategically located in different regions of Spain, collectively generating a significant amount of clean energy that can power thousands of households and reduce CO2 emissions annually. This sale signifies a major milestone for Emeren in the competitive Spanish PV market and highlights the positive outlook for solar energy in Europe.

Sale of Solar Project Portfolio in Spain

The sale of the solar project portfolio in Spain by Emeren Group to CVE España is a significant move in the renewable energy sector. This transaction not only brings immediate cash inflow to Emeren but also aligns with the broader trend towards renewable energy in Europe. By selling these projects, Emeren can unlock new growth opportunities and potentially enhance its financial health and liquidity. Investors can expect positive outcomes from this sale, reflecting in the company’s quarterly earnings.

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