Doral CEO brings excitement to grid with Mammoth North Solar project

By Oliver Townsend Jul 9, 2024
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Doral Renewables is thrilled to announce the launch of the Mammoth North Solar project in Starke County, Indiana. This $475 million project is just the beginning of a larger $1.5 billion initiative that aims to generate clean energy for 75,000 homes annually. CEO Nick Cohen is excited about the project, highlighting Indiana’s ideal location and community support as key factors in its success. This article will delve into the innovative aspects of the Mammoth North Solar project and its positive impact on the local community.

The Mammoth North Solar Project: A Game-Changer in Indiana

After nearly three years of development, Doral Renewables is celebrating the commercial launch of the Mammoth North Solar project. This venture is set to become the largest operating solar installation in Indiana upon completion. CEO Nick Cohen emphasizes the competitive advantage of Indiana’s grid infrastructure and flat farmlands, making it an ideal location for renewable energy projects. The community’s positive response to this new form of farming has been instrumental in the project’s success.

Agrivoltaics: A Sustainable Farming Solution

One of the standout features of the Mammoth North Solar project is its use of agrivoltaics, a practice that involves integrating livestock for vegetation management. Partnering with local farmer Billy Bope, Doral Renewables has successfully combined solar energy production with traditional farming practices. By utilizing sheep, alpacas, and other animals for vegetation control, the project has brought back heritage farming to the region. This innovative approach not only supports sustainable agriculture but also strengthens community ties.

Environmental and Economic Benefits

Aside from its environmental impact, the Mammoth North Solar project is expected to bring substantial economic benefits to the region. With plans to power approximately 250,000 homes in Indiana and Illinois each year, the project will contribute to job creation and economic growth. Additionally, Doral Renewables’ long-term partnerships with local stakeholders ensure ongoing support for the community. By repurposing farmland for renewable energy production, the project aims to provide sustainable income opportunities for farmers and residents alike.

Future Phases and Community Engagement

While Mammoth North Solar is already making waves in Starke County, Doral Renewables is not stopping there. The company has embarked on the second and third phases of the project, known as Mammoth South and Mammoth Central, in Pulaski County. By executing multiple phases simultaneously, Doral Renewables is maximizing its impact on renewable energy production and community development. The ongoing construction efforts are expected to continue over the next two years, further solidifying Indiana’s position as a leader in clean energy innovation.


The Mammoth North Solar project represents a significant milestone in Indiana’s journey towards sustainable energy solutions. By integrating agrivoltaics and fostering community partnerships, Doral Renewables is setting a new standard for solar energy projects in the region. With a focus on environmental stewardship, economic growth, and community engagement, the project serves as a beacon of hope for a greener and more prosperous future.

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