PM Shehbaz offers Balochistan farmers solar-powered tube wells.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 8, 2024
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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif recently made a significant announcement regarding a solar-powered tube well package for Balochistan farmers. This initiative aims to provide farmers with cheap electricity by solarising 28,000 tube wells in the province. The federal and provincial governments will jointly support this programme, which is expected to cost Rs55 billion. With the federal government covering 70% of the costs, the implementation is targeted to be completed in three months.

Solarisation Programme for Balochistan Farmers

During his visit to Quetta, PM Shehbaz highlighted the importance of this programme, emphasizing the need to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of tube wells in the province. The current situation where tube wells only run for short intervals due to non-payment of bills has resulted in significant revenue losses for the state. By transitioning these tube wells to solar power, farmers will have access to cheap electricity, eliminating the financial burden on the government.

Benefits of Solar-Powered Tube Wells

By implementing this solar-powered tube well package, farmers in Balochistan will have consistent access to electricity throughout the day, enabling them to improve agricultural practices and increase productivity. The shift to solar energy not only reduces costs but also contributes to sustainable development and environmental conservation. Additionally, this initiative aligns with the government’s vision of promoting renewable energy sources and enhancing the livelihoods of farmers.

Empowering Balochistan’s Agricultural Sector

The solarisation of tube wells in Balochistan represents a transformative step towards modernising the agricultural sector in the province. By providing farmers with reliable and affordable electricity, the government aims to support agricultural growth, increase crop yields, and improve the overall socio-economic conditions of rural communities. This initiative underscores the commitment to inclusive development and sustainable practices in the agriculture industry.

Strategic Implementation and Collaboration

PM Shehbaz praised the collaboration between the federal and provincial governments in realising this solarisation programme. With a focus on timely execution and efficient utilisation of resources, the initiative is expected to deliver tangible benefits to farmers in Balochistan. By leveraging solar power technology, the government is paving the way for a more resilient and prosperous agricultural sector in the region.

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