Canadian Solar brings e-STORAGE to deliver Nova Scotia’s first battery storage.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 8, 2024
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Canadian Solar’s e-STORAGE has secured a significant contract from Nova Scotia Power to develop three flagship energy storage projects in Nova Scotia. These projects, totaling 150 MW / 705 MWh DC, are set to enhance grid reliability and support the province’s clean energy transition. By delivering these grid-scale battery energy storage facilities, Canadian Solar is reinforcing its commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

Enhancing Grid Reliability with e-STORAGE

e-STORAGE’s contract to develop 150 MW / 705 MWh DC energy storage projects is a positive step towards improving grid reliability in Nova Scotia. These projects align with provincial and federal targets of achieving 80% renewables by 2030, showcasing a strong commitment to sustainable energy solutions. The completion of construction by 2026, with the first site operational in 2025, ensures a timely delivery to meet the growing energy demands.

Strategic Financial Impact

From a financial perspective, Canadian Solar’s contract to develop grid-scale battery energy storage facilities in Nova Scotia represents a significant opportunity. The 150 MW / 705 MWh project secures a clear revenue stream in the near-term, offering financial stability and growth potential. By providing long-term service agreements (LTSA), Canadian Solar strengthens its position in the energy sector and ensures consistent revenue from maintenance contracts.

Tapping into Market Trends

The announcement of Canadian Solar’s energy storage projects in Nova Scotia reflects a broader trend in the energy market towards sustainable solutions. As countries aim for 80% renewables by 2030, the demand for scalable energy storage solutions grows. Canadian Solar’s expertise in utility-scale battery energy storage systems positions them as a key player in meeting this demand and driving future growth in the industry.

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