Analysts predict: First Solar stock is set to skyrocket!

By Oliver Townsend Jul 8, 2024
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Analysts are predicting that First Solar stock is poised for a significant rebound, following a recent correction. Despite political uncertainties, the company’s Q1 results have been impressive, leading to increased price targets and positive sentiment among analysts. As the company gears up for Q2, there is optimism that it will outperform expectations and provide a catalyst for market growth.

First Solar Stock: A Closer Look

First Solar, listed on the NASDAQ as FSLR, is currently undergoing a correction that analysts believe is nearing its end. The correction has been driven by external factors rather than internal performance, making it an attractive opportunity for investors. With strong Q1 results, favorable guidance, and an appealing valuation, First Solar is positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for green energy solutions.

Analyst Activity and Market Sentiment

Since the release of its Q1 results, First Solar has seen significant analyst activity, with the stock being among the Most Upgraded Stocks on MarketBeat. Despite a few downgrades and price target revisions, overall sentiment towards the stock is improving, reflected in a consensus rating of Moderate Buy. Analysts are optimistic about the company’s performance, leading to an increase in price targets and ratings.

First Solar’s Financial Performance

First Solar’s Q1 performance exceeded expectations, with strong revenue growth and impressive margins. The company’s backlog of expected sales is robust, indicating sustained growth in the coming quarters. Despite mixed guidance, First Solar is expected to double its earnings per share compared to the previous year, offering investors a compelling value proposition.

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