“Global renewable energy leader collaborates with innovative heat storage startup.”

By Oliver Townsend Jul 7, 2024
Heat Storage Startup Partners With Global Renewable Energy Firm.jpegOrginal image from: https://nocamels.com/2024/07/heat-storage-startup-partners-with-global-renewable-energy-firm/

An Israeli heat storage startup, TIGI Solar, has recently joined forces with Eren Groupe, a global renewable energy firm based in Luxembourg. This partnership involves Eren Groupe becoming a minority shareholder in TIGI Solar, with the goal of collaborating on renewable heat projects to make clean energy more affordable and accessible. TIGI Solar’s unique solar thermal collectors can store heat from the sun, even in colder weather, making it a groundbreaking solution for industries in need of high temperatures year-round.

Revolutionizing Renewable Energy

TIGI Solar’s technology utilizes transparent insulation on its solar thermal collectors, allowing them to capture solar energy while minimizing heat loss. This innovation enables the generation of net energy, reaching the high temperatures required by various industries, even in winter and colder climates. By partnering with Eren Groupe, TIGI Solar aims to create a platform for renewable heat projects that will drive the global transition to clean energy.

Creating a Sustainable Future

Eren Groupe’s Managing Director, Yonatan Shek, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the immense potential of renewable thermal energy on a large scale. By combining the expertise and technologies of both companies, they aim to facilitate the energy transition and contribute to further decarbonization efforts. TIGI Solar’s CEO, Zvika Klier, emphasized the significance of this collaboration in providing Heat-as-a-Service projects internationally, with a focus on making a significant impact on the global clean energy transition.

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