EU funding boosts companies using advanced tech in efficient electrolyzers.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 7, 2024
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In the quest for more sustainable and efficient energy solutions, companies are continuously pushing the boundaries of technology. Recently, companies have received EU funding to deploy next-generation technology in efficient electrolyzers, paving the way for greener hydrogen production. This collaboration between Matteco and Ariema Enerxía is a significant step towards producing green hydrogen more efficiently and at a lower cost.

Matteco and Ariema Enerxía: A Partnership for Greener Hydrogen

Matteco, a world-class supplier of catalysts and electrodes for alkaline and AEM electrolysis, will implement its components in the next generation of alkaline technology electrolyzers from Ariema Enerxía, a leading Spanish manufacturer. This joint effort, known as the EMMA project, has received a grant of €1.1 million from the Spanish government through its strategic recovery plan for Renewable Energy, Renewable Hydrogen, and Storage (ERHA).

The total budget for the project, including partners’ funds, amounts to €1.4 million. The focus will be on developing and integrating high-performance components from Matteco into new alkaline electrolyzers that promise durability and cost-effectiveness. This collaboration will span three years, studying electrode developments in various cell sizes to meet the needs of the green industry.

Efficiency and Cost Reduction in Green Hydrogen Production

The main goal of this project is to reduce the cost of green hydrogen production, making it more viable for sectors that are challenging to electrify. Industries such as heavy manufacturing, long-distance transport, and surplus energy storage could benefit significantly from this more efficient production method. Additionally, the deployment of these electrolyzers can aid in stabilizing the electricity grid during high hydrogen production periods.

Matteco and Ariema: Accelerating Innovation

Iker Marcaide, the co-founder and CEO of Matteco, expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Ariema, highlighting how Matteco’s nanotechnology is crucial to the performance and efficiency of the new alkaline electrolyzers. This partnership solidifies Matteco’s position in the industry and sets the stage for the opening of their gigawatt factory in Valencia. Rafael Luque, managing director of Ariema, shared his optimism about the project, emphasizing their commitment to offering efficient alkaline electrolyzers at a larger scale.

Advancing Sustainable Energy Goals

The EMMA project aligns with the European Union’s Hydrogen Strategy, aiming to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. The goal of having up to 40GW of renewable green hydrogen electrolyzers by 2030 is a significant step towards a more sustainable energy future. Furthermore, this project addresses the challenges set by the US Department of Energy for alkaline electrolysis by 2026.

By leveraging innovative technologies and strategic partnerships, companies like Matteco and Ariema are driving the energy transition towards cleaner and more efficient solutions. The success of projects like EMMA not only accelerates the adoption of green hydrogen but also sets new standards for sustainable energy production.

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