834,000 Huasun PV Panels power World’s Largest Solar Project in Bulgaria

By Oliver Townsend Jul 5, 2024
834,000 Huasun PV Panels Installed for World’s Largest Heterojunction Solar Project in Bulgaria.jpegOrginal image from: https://solarquarter.com/2024/07/05/834000-huasun-pv-panels-installed-for-worlds-largest-heterojunction-solar-project-in-bulgaria/

Recently, the Apriltsi solar power project in Bulgaria has made headlines for completing the installation of over 824,000 photovoltaic modules, boasting a capacity of 400 MW. This project, located in the town of Pazardzhik, is not only the largest solar park in Bulgaria but also the largest in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. With 251 megawatts already operational by the end of May, the remaining capacity is currently undergoing testing and set to be activated soon, providing power to approximately 96 thousand homes.

The World’s Largest Heterojunction Solar Project

The Apriltsi project stands out as the world’s largest single-site heterojunction solar project, utilizing cutting-edge HJT PV modules supplied exclusively by Huasun Energy. These HJT panels are known for their superior efficiency, durability, and low degradation compared to traditional silicon cells. Notably, the panels are positioned east-west rather than south-facing, optimizing production during morning and evening hours while avoiding peak electricity exchange prices.

Advantages of Heterojunction Technology

HJT panels offer enhanced low-light performance and stability in high temperatures, making them ideal for regions with varying weather conditions. The Apriltsi project’s successful grid connection has already shown a 30% increase in power generation compared to initial estimates, showcasing the superior capabilities of Huasun’s HJT modules. With panels strategically placed at a height of 2.2 meters and smart trackers ensuring optimal sunlight capture, the project aims for maximum efficiency under market conditions.

Future of Solar Panel Production

The CFO of Solar Green Energy, the project’s owner, foresees heterojunction technology becoming the dominant production method for solar panels globally within the next five years. Huasun’s commitment to providing high-efficiency HJT products across the Balkans and beyond reinforces their dedication to advancing renewable energy solutions.

Huasun’s Role in Sustainable Energy

Huasun’s Vice President, Matthew Jin, emphasized their collaboration with Inercom and Real States in the Apriltsi project, highlighting sustainable partnership and engineering integration. With a strong track record in supplying HJT products globally, Huasun aims to continue promoting regional energy transformation and high-efficiency solutions in the Balkans.

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