Quality and reliability ensured with Solar Panel Testing and Certification.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 4, 2024
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Solar panel testing and certification are essential processes that ensure the quality, performance, and safety of solar panels before they are manufactured, sold, and installed in the commercial market. It is imperative that solar panels undergo rigorous testing by independent laboratories to meet specific standards to guarantee their efficiency and reliability. In India, obtaining a Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certificate is mandatory for selling solar panels, ensuring they meet the required guidelines.

The Importance of Solar Panel Testing

Performance Testing is a crucial aspect of solar panel evaluation, measuring a panel’s ability to convert sunlight into electricity under controlled conditions. It includes assessing power output, efficiency, and current-voltage (I-V) curves to determine the panel’s effectiveness. Safety Testing ensures that the panel can withstand various environmental stresses such as extreme temperatures, high winds, hail impact, and fire. Durability Testing evaluates the panel’s long-term performance by simulating real-world conditions like exposure to UV light, moisture, and temperature fluctuations.

The Certification Process

Once all the necessary tests are completed, solar panels must be certified by reputable organizations or bodies. In India, well-known certification bodies include Underwriters Laboratories (UL), TUV Rheinland, Mitsui Chemicals Group – PI Berlin, Hi Physix Laboratory, and the International Electrotechnical Commission. Certification indicates that the panel meets the specific standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards & IECC, providing assurance to consumers and installers that the panels are safe, reliable, and will perform as expected.

Citizen Solar’s Commitment to Quality

Citizen Solar ensures 100% compliance with all BIS standards, making them pioneers in solar panel manufacturing. By conducting in-house testing regularly, Citizen Solar can provide high-quality products to customers, reflecting their dedication to safety and quality. This commitment helps maintain solar energy as a reliable and sustainable power source, ensuring a positive impact on the environment and energy industry.

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