Get ready to see the 2026 eclipse with these tips.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 4, 2024
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Planning a trip to witness the 2026 solar eclipse can be an exciting and unforgettable experience. As the next total solar eclipse approaches on Aug. 12, 2026, in Siberia, Greenland, Iceland, Spain, and Portugal, it’s essential to start preparing early to make the most of this celestial event. With only five countries experiencing totality during this eclipse, it’s crucial to plan ahead to ensure a memorable viewing experience. Here are 10 tips to help you plan your 2026 solar eclipse trip.

Forget Duration

When preparing for the 2026 solar eclipse, focus on the incredible phenomena of the eclipse rather than its duration. Totality may only last for a few minutes, but the experience is what truly matters. Choose a location within the path of totality to maximize your viewing experience.

Fixate on the Sky Position

Pay attention to the height of the eclipsed sun above the horizon during the eclipse. Understanding the sun’s position can help you choose the best viewing location for optimal visibility.

Pay Attention to Sight Lines on the Spanish Coast

For observers on Spain’s east coast, researching sight lines and choosing the right location is essential. Consider heading inland to higher ground for unobstructed views of the eclipse.

Consider Landscape Photography

The 2026 eclipse offers a unique opportunity for stunning landscape photography. Capture the eclipsed sun against iconic backdrops in Greenland, Iceland, Spain, or Portugal for memorable images.

Think About Cloud Cover

Be mindful of potential cloud cover along the path of totality. Research areas with historically clear skies to increase your chances of witnessing the eclipse without obstruction.

Stay Mobile

Remaining mobile during the eclipse allows you to chase clear skies and find the best viewing spot. Consider traveling to locations forecasted to have optimal weather conditions for the event.

Don’t Obsess About the Centerline

You don’t need to be directly on the centerline to enjoy the eclipse. Choose a location within the path of totality that offers a good viewing experience, even if it’s not on the exact centerline.

Prepare for a “Pac-Man” Sunset

Witnessing an eclipsed sunset can be a memorable experience. Choose a location where you can observe the partially eclipsed sun setting for a unique visual treat.

Plan for “Shooting Stars” and the Milky Way

Consider viewing the Perseid meteor shower coinciding with the eclipse date for additional celestial wonders. Choose a dark-sky area to enjoy the spectacle of shooting stars and the Milky Way.

Head North for Possible Auroras

While it’s unlikely to see the aurora borealis during the eclipse, heading north to Iceland or Greenland may offer a chance to witness this natural phenomenon. Keep an eye out for auroras during the nights around the eclipse for a potential celestial display.

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