Germany picks 512MW solar-storage bids for Innovation Tender contracts.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 4, 2024
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Germany has recently awarded 512MW of capacity to solar-plus-storage projects through its Innovation Tender auction. This marks a significant step towards promoting renewable energy sources and enhancing energy storage capabilities in the country. The Bundesnetzagentur, also known as the German Federal Network Agency, oversaw the auction process, which received a total of 48 project bids amounting to 564MW. Out of these, 512MW were accepted while five bids were rejected, showcasing a strong interest in solar-plus-storage projects.

Solar-Plus-Storage Projects in Germany

The solar-plus-storage projects that were awarded capacity in Germany’s recent Innovation Tender have the potential to revolutionize the country’s energy landscape. With a total available capacity of 583MW, the successful bids ranged in price from €0.0678/kWh to €0.0917/kWh, with an average volume-weighted price of €0.0833/kWh. This competitive pricing demonstrates the economic feasibility of solar-plus-storage projects and their contribution to sustainable energy generation.

Regional Distribution of Solar-Plus-Storage Capacity

Among the different states in Germany, Bavaria emerged as the frontrunner in the recent Innovation Tender, being awarded 245MW across 24 projects. Following closely behind were Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with four projects for 79MW and Schleswig-Holstein with five projects for 73MW. This distribution of capacity highlights the widespread interest and investment in solar-plus-storage projects across various regions in Germany.

Impact and Future Prospects

The success of Germany’s Innovation Tender in awarding 512MW of solar-plus-storage capacity underscores the country’s commitment to renewable energy and innovation. By promoting projects that combine solar power generation with energy storage solutions, Germany is paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure. The competitive pricing and regional distribution of capacity indicate a thriving market for solar-plus-storage projects in the country.

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