Google secures 300 MW of solar power in Taiwan’s green venture

By Oliver Townsend Jul 3, 2024
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Google has recently made a significant investment in Taiwan’s New Green Power (NGP), securing the rights to procure up to 300 MW of solar power. This strategic move not only strengthens Google’s renewable energy portfolio but also allows its suppliers in the region to access NGP’s capacity. Founded in 2009, NGP is a key player in the photovoltaic (PV) sector, focusing on large-scale project development, engineering, construction (EPC), and operations. As a portfolio entity of Blackrock’s climate infrastructure unit, NGP aims to expand its solar project pipeline in Taiwan to 1 GW in the near future.

Google’s Commitment to Sustainability

Amanda Peterson Corio, Google’s Head of Data Center Energy, emphasized the company’s dedication to sustainability, aiming to achieve net-zero emissions across its operations and value chain. Google’s goal is to operate on 24-7 carbon-free energy everywhere it functions. This investment in Taiwan is part of Google’s broader strategy to enhance its renewable energy portfolio. By securing additional solar power capacity through power purchase agreements in Japan and Australia, Google continues to lead in sustainable energy initiatives.

Impact of Google’s Investment

Google’s investment in NGP reflects its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and transitioning to clean energy sources. By investing in solar power projects, Google not only supports renewable energy development but also contributes to the decarbonization of its operations. This move highlights Google’s proactive approach to sustainability and sets a precedent for other tech companies to prioritize renewable energy investments.

Future Prospects in Renewable Energy

As Google expands its renewable energy portfolio and partners with key players like NGP, the future of clean energy in Taiwan looks promising. By investing in solar power projects, Google is not only reducing its environmental impact but also driving innovation in the renewable energy sector. This strategic investment in Taiwan’s green power sector sets the stage for further collaboration and growth in sustainable energy initiatives.

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