Akuo introduces crowdfunding option for Greek solar energy projects.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 3, 2024
Akuo launches participatory financing for its solar power plants in Greece.jpegOrginal image from: https://energynews.pro/en/akuo-launches-participatory-financing-for-its-solar-power-plants-in-greece/

Akuo has announced the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for a portfolio of solar power plants in the Thessaly region of Greece. This initiative, the first of its kind for the group, is hosted on the new “AkuoCoop by Lendosphere” portal, in partnership with Lendosphere, experts in participative financing. The initial amount of the campaign is set at 1 million euros, open to all European citizens interested in investing in renewable energies.

Participatory Financing Campaign for Solar Power Plants

The launch of a participatory financing campaign for its solar power plants in Thessaly, Greece, signifies Akuo’s commitment to promoting energy transition. This campaign, facilitated through the “AkuoCoop by Lendosphere” platform, aims to engage European citizens in supporting renewable energy initiatives. The 8-hectare solar farm in Thessaly consists of four photovoltaic power plants with a total output of 4 MWp, contributing to Europe’s energy transition.

Investment Opportunities for Savers

By investing in the refinancing of the Thessaly solar farm, operated by Akuo, savers have the opportunity to actively participate in Europe’s energy transition. With a minimum contribution of 100 euros, interested investors can register online on AkuoCoop by Lendosphere and become part of a sustainable energy future. The platform’s collaboration with EDF Renewables highlights its commitment to expanding partnerships and promoting renewable energy projects.

AkuoCoop by Lendosphere: A Platform for Sustainable Projects

The AkuoCoop by Lendosphere portal serves as a dedicated platform for Akuo Group’s participatory financing campaigns. These projects not only focus on renewable energy initiatives but also prioritize ventures with significant social and environmental impact. By emphasizing community involvement and value sharing with local stakeholders, Akuo underscores its dedication to sustainability and community development.

Impact of the Thessaly Solar Farm

The four photovoltaic plants within the Thessaly solar farm, near Larissa, generate 6.3 GWh annually, sufficient to power 570 homes and reduce CO2 emissions by 2,100 tonnes per year. Commissioned in 2023, these solar plants symbolize the initial phase of a broader plan to establish a total capacity of 500 MW in collaboration with the Thessaly region.

Greece’s Renewable Energy Commitment

Greece aims to increase its renewable energy share to 80% by 2030, aligning with the National Integrated Energy-Climate Plan (NECP). Akuo’s support for this transition reflects its dedication to sustainable projects and energy development. The commitment from Greece’s government signals a positive shift towards decarbonization, offering opportunities to accelerate sustainable practices and renewable energy projects.

Community Engagement for Energy Transition

Akuo’s innovative initiatives emphasize citizen and community involvement in the energy transition process. By engaging citizens and local communities through participatory approaches, Akuo aims to achieve decarbonization objectives and foster a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. The inclusive nature of these initiatives is essential for driving sustainable practices and promoting environmental stewardship.

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