Township board talks solar panel rules.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 2, 2024

Center Township Supervisors recently discussed the potential implementation of a solar panel ordinance during a meeting. The ordinance aims to regulate the installation of solar panels within the township. Chairman Matt Housholder mentioned that they are currently working with the township solicitor to finalize the details of the ordinance to ensure it is in place before an influx of solar panels in the area.

Consultation with Township Solicitor

Chairman Housholder revealed that the supervisors are halfway through the process of developing the solar panel ordinance. This consultation with legal experts is crucial to ensure that the ordinance complies with local regulations and meets the needs of the community. By working closely with the township solicitor, the supervisors can address any legal concerns and create a comprehensive ordinance that benefits all stakeholders.

Upcoming Paving Project in Lucernemines

In addition to the solar panel ordinance discussions, the supervisors also talked about an upcoming paving project in Lucernemines. The project is expected to be completed by late August or September. This infrastructure improvement project aims to enhance the safety and accessibility of roads in the area, benefiting residents and visitors alike. The supervisors are committed to addressing various community needs and ensuring that public infrastructure meets the highest standards.

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