SJVN Green powers up AM Green with 4,500 MW renewable energy.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 2, 2024
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The National Green Hydrogen Mission is making significant strides towards a sustainable future, with SJVN Green Energy Limited (SGEL) set to supply 4,500 MW of renewable energy to AM Green for green ammonia production. This collaboration, formalized in New Delhi, marks a crucial step in the transition towards carbon-free energy sources, particularly from solar and wind power. The agreement aims to support AM Green’s green ammonia facilities, integrating renewable energy with pumped hydro storage for consistent power supply. This partnership aligns with SGEL’s commitment to expand its renewable energy capacity to 25,000 MW by 2030 and 50,000 MW by 2040. The goal is to produce 5 million tonnes per annum of green ammonia by 2030, contributing significantly to India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission and Europe’s green hydrogen imports target.

The Agreement and Future Plans

The MoU between AM Green and SGEL signifies a long-term commitment to sourcing renewable energy for sustainable ammonia production. Under the phased project plan, SGEL aims to deliver the first 1,500 MW within two years, showcasing their dedication to accelerating the development of renewable assets in India. This collaboration not only fosters environmental sustainability but also positions AM Green as a key player in the global clean energy transition solutions platform. The strategic partnership with SJVN highlights AM Green’s emerging leadership in producing reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective green molecules and derivatives, driving industrial decarbonization globally.

Key Statements from Stakeholders

Mahesh Kolli, Founder of Greenko Group & AM Green, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership with SJVN, emphasizing its potential to propel renewable asset development in India. He highlighted the significance of the collaboration in advancing India’s position as a reliable exporter of green molecules. Ajay Singh, CEO of SJVN Green, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the project’s potential to expand renewable energy capacity and SJVN’s venture into supplying power to private sector entities. The collaboration with AM Green represents a pivotal opportunity for SJVN to contribute to India’s clean energy transition.

Strategic Partnerships and Investments

AM Green’s recent partnerships and investments with Gentari Sdn Bhd and Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, GIC, underscore the company’s commitment to strengthening its position in the global green ammonia market. These alliances, coupled with the impending final investment decision for the first 2 MTPA green ammonia project, position AM Green as a formidable player in India and internationally. By strategically leveraging partnerships and investments, AM Green is poised to drive innovation and sustainability in the green energy sector.

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