Malaysia’s Deputy PM collaborates with IHA to boost sustainable energy.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 2, 2024
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Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Dato Sri Haji Fadillah Haji Yusof, recently met with the International Hydropower Association (IHA) in London to discuss the country’s sustainable energy goals. The discussion focused on Malaysia’s potential in hydropower and renewable energy development, leveraging its geographical advantages such as tropical climate and abundant river systems. This meeting highlighted the country’s ambition to harness up to 29,000 MW of hydropower to reduce carbon footprint and enhance energy security.

Malaysia’s Hydropower Potential

Currently, Malaysia has 6,372 MW of installed hydropower capacity and generates 32 TWh of energy. The country is actively working on various hydropower projects to further strengthen its renewable energy portfolio. For instance, projects like Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s 2.5 GW hybrid hydro-floating solar initiatives and Gamuda’s 187.5 MW hydropower plant demonstrate Malaysia’s commitment to clean energy generation. Sarawak Energy’s floating solar unit project also signifies the country’s efforts towards sustainable energy development.

Collaboration with IHA

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the importance of collaborating with the IHA to achieve Malaysia’s sustainable energy objectives. By partnering with the IHA, Malaysia can benefit from its expertise in responsible hydropower development, ensuring projects are efficient and environmentally friendly. This collaboration presents an opportunity for Malaysia to optimize its hydropower infrastructure and tap into international best practices.

Diversifying Energy Portfolio

The discussions also revolved around the potential of large-scale and mini hydro projects to diversify Malaysia’s energy mix, enhance energy security, and pave the way for a resilient energy future. By exploring various hydropower opportunities, Malaysia aims to create a sustainable energy ecosystem that aligns with its environmental goals and energy needs.

Advancing Sustainable Energy Goals

The Deputy Prime Minister acknowledged that Malaysia’s collaboration with the IHA holds significant potential for advancing the nation’s sustainable energy goals. By leveraging the IHA’s expertise and experience in hydropower development, Malaysia can accelerate its transition towards cleaner energy sources and reduce carbon emissions. This partnership signifies Malaysia’s dedication to sustainable energy practices and underscores the country’s commitment to a greener future.


The meeting between Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister and the IHA marks a pivotal step towards advancing the nation’s sustainable energy objectives. By leveraging Malaysia’s hydropower potential and collaborating with international experts, the country is poised to enhance its renewable energy infrastructure and reduce its carbon footprint. Malaysia’s commitment to sustainable energy development underscores its role as a leading proponent of clean energy in the region.

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