Get in on clean energy stocks like NextEra Energy, says Morgan Stanley

By Oliver Townsend Jul 2, 2024
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Investors looking to capitalize on the growing trend towards clean energy and renewable technologies should consider buying select stocks recommended by Morgan Stanley. The bank recently suggested that now is the time to take advantage of the recent weakness in the market to invest in companies like NextEra Energy (NYSE:NEE) and others in the clean energy sector. In this article, we will explore Morgan Stanley’s recommendations and why investing in clean energy stocks could be a lucrative opportunity.

Overview of Clean Energy Investment

Morgan Stanley analysts, led by Andrew Percoco, believe that recent market conditions present a favorable opportunity to invest in clean tech and renewable energy companies. They anticipate that there may be changes to certain policies, such as electric vehicle tax credits and direct pay, which could impact the clean energy sector. Despite potential modifications, the analysts see bipartisan support for key areas like domestic manufacturing, nuclear power, and wind and solar tax credits, which could mitigate risks associated with policy changes.

Implications for Clean Energy Stocks

Morgan Stanley’s outlook remains positive for companies like NextEra Energy (NEE), Constellation Energy (CEG), and Vistra (VST) due to the continued demand for renewables and the potential for new sources of demand to offset any changes to tax credit policies. The analysts recommend buying stocks like AES Corp. (AES), First Solar (FSLR), and NextEra Energy (NEE) following recent underperformance in the market. Additionally, the bank sees opportunities in ETFs focused on clean energy, such as ICLN, QCLN, and PBW, among others.

Investment Strategies for Clean Energy

Consider Long-Term Growth Potential

Investors interested in clean energy stocks should evaluate the long-term growth potential of companies in the sector. With increasing global focus on sustainability and renewable energy, companies that are well-positioned to capitalize on these trends could see significant growth in the coming years.

Diversify Your Portfolio

It’s important to diversify your investment portfolio to reduce risk and capitalize on different opportunities in the market. Including a mix of clean energy stocks, ETFs, and other renewable energy investments can help balance your portfolio and capture potential returns from various sources.

Stay Informed on Policy Changes

Policy changes at the local, national, and global levels can have a significant impact on clean energy stocks. Stay informed on regulatory developments, tax incentives, and government initiatives that could influence the performance of companies in the sector.


Investing in clean energy stocks presents an attractive opportunity for investors looking to align their portfolios with sustainability goals and capitalize on the growing demand for renewable energy solutions. By following recommendations from reputable sources like Morgan Stanley and staying informed on market trends and policy changes, investors can make informed decisions to potentially benefit from the shift towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

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