Unlock Africa’s clean energy potential with prefeasibility funding.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 1, 2024
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Unlocking Africa’s clean energy potential is crucial for the continent’s sustainable development and economic growth. With the help of prefeasibility funding, the China-Global South Project aims to support the expansion of renewable energy projects in Africa. This initiative is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, focusing on green infrastructure investments to address the energy insecurity in Africa.

The Role of China in Africa’s Clean Energy Transition

China has been a significant investor in Africa’s energy sector, with a focus on solar and wind power projects. The pledge to increase renewable energy generation capacity in sub-Saharan Africa aligns with global efforts to transition to clean energy sources. By investing in renewable technologies, China can play a crucial role in achieving universal energy access and reducing the carbon footprint of the region.

The Need for Project Preparation Facilities

Despite the growing interest in renewable energy projects in Africa, there is a lack of project preparation facilities to support the development of bankable energy projects. The report highlights the importance of early-stage funding to assess project feasibility and mitigate risks. By enhancing project preparation facilities, Chinese companies can ensure the successful implementation of renewable energy projects in the region.

Challenges and Opportunities for Renewable Energy Development

One of the key challenges identified is the limited availability of prefeasibility funding for renewable energy projects. By partnering with SADC DFIs through the Green Investment and Finance Partnership, China can support the development of green infrastructure in Africa. Strengthening project preparation facilities and engaging in the early stages of project development will contribute to a successful transition to clean energy sources.

Recommendations for Sustainable Energy Development

The joint report recommends scaling up existing facilities, restructuring funding mechanisms, and exploring new partnerships to accelerate renewable energy projects in Africa. By investing in prefeasibility facilities and promoting international collaborations, China can drive the growth of renewable energy capacity in the region. Adequate support at the early stages of project development is essential to achieve climate goals and foster economic development in sub-Saharan Africa.


The collaboration between China and African countries in unlocking clean energy potential presents a significant opportunity for sustainable development. By addressing the challenges in project preparation and funding, both parties can work together to achieve the ambitious renewable energy targets set for the region. With strategic investments and partnerships, Africa’s clean energy transition can pave the way for a greener and more resilient future.

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