Sungrow and Atlas Renewable Energy team up for new venture.

By Oliver Townsend Jul 1, 2024
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Sungrow, a prominent PV inverter and energy storage system provider, has recently signed an exclusive agreement with Atlas Renewable Energy, the largest independent renewables power producer in Latin America. This collaboration focuses on utilizing Sungrow’s liquid cooling storage system, PowerTitan, for the 200 MW/880 MWh battery energy storage system (BESS) del Desierto project. The project aims to address the issue of curtailment in Northern Chile, enhance regional energy reliability, and support the goal of achieving 100% clean energy by 2050.

Challenges and Solutions

The BESS del Desierto project, located in the Atacama Desert, faces the challenge of transporting abundant photovoltaic resources to the core power consumption area 1500 km away due to grid load capacity constraints. In response, Atlas Renewable Energy plans to build Chile’s largest large-scale standalone energy storage plant. This facility will capture excess solar energy during the day and integrate it into the grid when load capacity allows, enhancing regional power consumption flexibility and sustainability.

Technology for Harsh Conditions

The Atacama Desert’s harsh conditions, such as heavy dust and extreme temperature fluctuations, require robust technology for long-term stability. Sungrow’s PowerTitan offers C5 corrosion resistance, IP65 protection against wind and sand, intelligent liquid cooling, and a smart operation and maintenance (O&M) system to ensure optimal temperature control and stability of the BESS del Desierto project.

Grid-Forming Technology

Sungrow’s advanced grid-forming technology plays a crucial role in providing millisecond-level active and reactive power responses, frequency modulation, voltage regulation, and harmonic suppression. This technology helps stabilize power grids, enhance the local grid’s strength, and address the challenges of long-distance and complex grid dispatch, ultimately providing Chile with a more stable energy supply.

Strategic Milestone

Patrick Valentin, Head of Strategic Sourcing at Atlas Renewable Energy, highlights the significance of the BESS del Desierto project as the company’s first energy storage station and a crucial milestone in entering the energy storage sector. The project represents a strategic effort to utilize solar energy resources effectively and enhance energy reliability in Latin America. The partnership between Atlas Renewable Energy and Sungrow marks a significant step forward in achieving these goals.

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