SP Group partners with Hoa Sen Group for sustainable energy.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 30, 2024
Singapore’s SP Group joins hands with Hoa Sen Group for clean energy.pngOrginal image from: https://vir.com.vn/singapores-sp-group-joins-hands-with-hoa-sen-group-for-clean-energy-112270.html

Singapore’s SP Group and Hoa Sen Group have partnered to drive sustainable development through clean energy initiatives. This strategic collaboration was formalized on June 27, with SP Group taking on the role of a consulting partner for Hoa Sen Group’s transition to clean energy. The agreement includes investments in power grid infrastructure, cooling systems, and energy-saving solutions across Hoa Sen Group’s infrastructure and steel mills nationwide. Hoa Sen Group has already made strides in this direction by installing rooftop solar power systems at various steel mills, totaling 13.4 MWp in capacity.

Commitment to Sustainability

The partnership signifies a significant milestone for Hoa Sen Group, underlining its commitment to environmental responsibility. By promoting the adoption of clean energy in production processes, the initiative aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and align with global trends towards sustainability. This move will not only help the group meet green standards but also enhance its competitiveness in international markets with stringent emission requirements.

CEO Statements

Vu Van Thanh, CEO of Hoa Sen Group, expressed the company’s dedication to sustainable development. He emphasized the importance of implementing green production solutions to reduce emissions, improve competitiveness, and expand export opportunities in markets with strict environmental regulations. Brandon Chia, managing director of SP Group’s Sustainable Energy Solutions for Southeast Asia and Australia, highlighted the partnership’s focus on supporting clean energy transitions through renewable sources, digital energy management, and energy efficiency to create a sustainable future for Vietnam.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Hoa Sen Group plans to further explore and implement clean energy solutions in its warehouses, branches, and stores nationwide. This initiative aims to optimize electricity costs and enhance environmental protection measures. Additionally, SP Group recently acquired solar power assets in Vietnam, demonstrating its long-term commitment to sustainable energy solutions in the region.

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