Cosin Solar secures 100 MW CSP project bid Luneng Fukang.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 30, 2024
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Cosin Solar has recently secured the bid for the Molten Salt Thermal Storage & Exchange System equipment supply of the 100MW CSP part of the Luneng Fukang Hybrid Project. This marks another milestone for the company, showcasing their expertise and capabilities in the concentrated solar power (CSP) sector. The molten salt thermal storage & exchange system is a critical component of a CSP plant, essential for its safe and efficient operation. Cosin Solar will be responsible for the design, integrated supply, on-site assembly, and technical service of this system, ensuring its optimal performance.

Expertise in System Design

With over a decade of experience in technological research and operational expertise, Cosin Solar has developed a comprehensive processes package for the molten salt thermal storage & exchange system. This includes system process design, key equipment design and selection, and control system design. By collaborating with leading domestic equipment suppliers, Cosin Solar has overcome various technical challenges to establish a high-temperature molten salt thermal storage & exchange system engineering solution with independent intellectual property rights.

Technical Innovations and Achievements

Cosin Solar has not only developed innovative solutions for the molten salt thermal storage & exchange system but has also contributed to industry standards and advancements. The company led the preparation of two national standards for the molten salt thermal storage & exchange system in CSP, highlighting their commitment to excellence and best practices. With 54 related patents and a track record of successful implementations in various CSP plants, Cosin Solar continues to drive innovation and set industry benchmarks.

Project Success and Future Endeavors

The recent win of the bid for the molten salt thermal storage & exchange system at the Luneng Fukang Hybrid Project further solidifies Cosin Solar’s position as a leader in tower CSP technology. Their focus on continuous improvement and advancement in molten salt energy storage fields underscores their dedication to delivering cutting-edge and reliable CSP solutions to clients. As the company looks ahead, it aims to enhance its technical products and services, ensuring the delivery of advanced, cost-effective, and sustainable integrated CSP solutions.

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