Dominican Republic gives green light to Ardavín Solar Project.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 29, 2024
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The National Energy Commission (CNE) of the Dominican Republic has recently granted the definitive concession for the Ardavín Solar project. This project, with a capacity of 101.6 MWp and 83.4 MWn, will be located in Gaspar Hernández, within the province of Espaillat. It will also include a storage capacity of 27.5 MW and 110 MWh. This significant development was marked by the signing of the concession contract by Edward Veras Díaz, the executive director of the CNE, and César Augusto Santos Sánchez, the representative of the concessionaire company, Ardavín Solar. Alongside this project, the La Victoria photovoltaic park, with a capacity of 64.70 MWp, was inaugurated in the municipality of Santo Domingo Norte, developed by BAS Corporation and Dominion with an investment of about $82 million.

Granting of Concession for Ardavín Solar Project

The definitive concession for the Ardavín Solar project marks a significant milestone in the Dominican Republic’s renewable energy sector. With a capacity exceeding 100 MWp, this project is poised to make a substantial contribution to the country’s clean energy goals. The signing of the concession contract by key stakeholders underscores the commitment to advancing solar energy initiatives in the region.

Inauguration of La Victoria Photovoltaic Park

Another notable development in the Dominican Republic’s solar energy landscape is the inauguration of the La Victoria photovoltaic park. This project, spearheaded by BAS Corporation and Dominion, represents a substantial investment in the country’s renewable energy infrastructure. The successful completion of this park underscores the growing momentum of solar energy projects in the region.

Benefits of Solar Projects in the Dominican Republic

The approval and inauguration of these solar projects in the Dominican Republic bring several benefits to the country. Firstly, the increased capacity for solar energy generation contributes to the diversification of the energy mix, reducing dependence on traditional fossil fuels. Additionally, these projects create employment opportunities, stimulate economic growth, and position the country as a leader in renewable energy adoption.

Impact on Energy Sector

The granting of concessions for the Ardavín Solar project and the inauguration of the La Victoria photovoltaic park signal a positive shift in the Dominican Republic’s energy sector. These projects not only expand the country’s renewable energy capacity but also pave the way for future investments in clean energy infrastructure. By embracing solar energy initiatives, the Dominican Republic is taking proactive steps towards achieving sustainability and energy security.

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