Renewable power duo launches innovative Spanish green hydrogen platform, INDHO.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 28, 2024
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Renewco Power and INDHO have joined forces to launch Indhyco, a new green hydrogen platform in Spain. This collaboration aims to focus on developing green hydrogen projects specifically for industrial consumption, emphasizing efficient production of hydrogen near the point of consumption with the help of renewable power generation. The goal is to develop 1 GW of green hydrogen projects within five years, reaching the ready to build (RTB) stage.

Renewco Power and INDHO Collaboration

Renewco Power, based in the UK, specializes in developing renewable energy projects such as solar PV, onshore wind, battery storage, and green hydrogen projects across Europe and the US. Since its establishment in 2021, Renewco has built a 5 GW pipeline with 50 projects in solar, wind, BESS, and green hydrogen across the UK, Spain, Italy, and the US. On the other hand, INDHO has been at the forefront of developing renewable hydrogen projects in Spain and Chile since 2016, with two green hydrogen projects in Spain reaching the RTB stage.

Indhyco’s Strategic Focus

Indhyco’s strategic focus is to leverage Renewco’s experience in renewable energy project development and INDHO’s expertise in the green hydrogen sector in Spain. By combining forces, the platform aims to accelerate the development of green hydrogen projects in Spain. Pedro Perejon, Renewco’s Business Development Director in Spain, highlights the significance of this platform in diversifying their green hydrogen development strategy in Spain, a rapidly growing sector.

Addressing Industrial Decarbonisation

Javier Salgado, Renewco’s H2 Manager, emphasizes the role of the collaboration in addressing urgent industrial decarbonization needs through green hydrogen projects. Green hydrogen production can significantly reduce harmful emissions in the energy industry by creating green derivatives. This partnership with the experienced leaders in the green hydrogen sector positions Indhyco to make a substantial impact in the Spanish market.

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