Get paid to learn solar in Georgetown with new program!

By Oliver Townsend Jun 28, 2024
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A new program in Georgetown is offering paid solar infrastructure training to fourteen students with little to no experience in the solar energy field. Over the course of three weeks, these students are learning how to install solar infrastructure while also receiving compensation for their efforts. This initiative is part of an effort to expand the solar energy workforce and create more opportunities in this growing industry.

Creating Opportunities in Solar Energy

The program is spearheaded by Solar United International, with the goal of increasing the number of individuals skilled in solar energy installation. Grant Scheffer, a founding partner of the organization, emphasized the importance of creating a grassroots infrastructure to support the growth of the solar industry. Students are gaining hands-on experience by installing EV car charging stations behind 7 Dimensions Outreach, a local nonprofit that is helping to facilitate the training program.

Hands-On Learning and Skill Development

While the primary focus of the program is to teach students how to install solar infrastructure, they are also learning valuable skills such as communication, time management, and etiquette. Ebony Hughes, the founder and president of 7 Dimensions Outreach, highlighted the importance of training local talent to ensure that they can find suitable jobs within the community. By investing in these students, the program aims to retain talent in Georgetown and support the local economy.

Building a Sustainable Future

Zayvion Dennison, one of the participants in the program, shared his motivation for joining, expressing a desire to help Georgetown transition towards a more sustainable future. Beyond the immediate benefits of the training program, Scheffer mentioned that the EV charging stations will help offset the energy usage of the building and provide a service to the public. The proceeds from the charging stations will also support the nonprofit hosting the program, creating a sustainable cycle of community investment.

Expanding the Program Statewide

Following the success of the program in Georgetown, the plan is to replicate this hands-on training model in nine other cities across South Carolina. By expanding the reach of the program, Solar United International hopes to create more opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career in solar energy. The ultimate goal is to build a skilled workforce that can support the growth of the solar industry and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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