Airtel data centre vows green energy transformation.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 28, 2024
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Reducing carbon footprint and committing to sustainable practices are becoming increasingly important for businesses across all industries. In line with this trend, Bharti Airtel’s data centre arm, Nxtra, has made a significant pledge towards green energy initiatives. By joining the global RE100 initiative, Nxtra is the first data centre provider in India to commit to sourcing 100 per cent renewable electricity. This move showcases Nxtra’s dedication to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable energy practices.

Nxtra’s Green Energy Commitment

In a recent statement, Nxtra announced that it has significantly increased its usage of renewable energy, totaling 422,000 MWh so far. By leveraging power purchase agreements and solar rooftop plants, the company was able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 156,595 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in the latest fiscal year ending on March 31. Nxtra’s CEO, Ashish Arora, highlighted the company’s progress towards achieving net-zero goals and reiterated its commitment to utilizing 100 per cent renewable electricity. With operations spanning 12 data centres and 120 edge facilities across India, Nxtra is leading the way in sustainable data centre practices.

Airtel’s Investment in Green Energy

Aside from Nxtra’s individual efforts, Bharti Airtel also took steps towards securing green energy sources for its edge data centre facilities. In September, the company announced its acquisition of stakes in two local renewable energy companies to support its green energy procurement initiatives. By investing in renewable energy infrastructure, Airtel aims to power its data centres with environmentally friendly electricity, further solidifying its commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.

Future Outlook and Industry Impact

As businesses worldwide strive to adopt more sustainable practices, Nxtra’s green energy pledge sets a positive example for the data centre industry. By prioritizing renewable energy sources and actively working towards net-zero goals, Nxtra is not only reducing its environmental impact but also influencing other companies to prioritize sustainability. With the increasing emphasis on corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship, initiatives like Nxtra’s green energy pledge are crucial for driving positive change in the business landscape.

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