Vertus Energy raises €8.75M for waste-to-energy projects.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 27, 2024
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Vertus Energy, an Austrian startup focusing on waste-to-X technology, recently closed an impressive €8.75 million in seed funding. This funding round was led by global investors Energy Capital Ventures, Blackbird, Amadeus APEX Technology Fund, and Aussie Angels. The startup plans to utilize this capital to scale its flagship product, BRIO, into pilot projects.

Revolutionizing Renewable Energy Generation

The global biogas market is projected to experience significant growth in the coming years, with Europe playing a key role in this sector. Vertus Energy aims to address the growing demand for renewable energy by developing innovative solutions for waste conversion. The company’s focus on advanced control of bacteria behavior sets it apart in the industry.

Innovative Technologies Driving Change

Founded by Dr. Danilo Perez, Freddy Gonzalez, Benjamin Howard, and Santiago de los Reyes, Vertus Energy is at the forefront of transforming waste into power. The startup’s technologies, BRIO and BODA, are designed to optimize biomethane production and carbon sequestration processes. With BRIO’s ability to generate energy efficiently and BODA’s carbon conversion capabilities, Vertus Energy is paving the way for a more sustainable energy future.

Investor Confidence in Sustainable Energy

The strong backing from investors like Energy Capital Ventures and Amadeus APEX Technology Fund underscores the promise and potential of Vertus Energy’s technology. These investors recognize the company’s commitment to innovation and sustainability, positioning it as a leader in the renewable energy sector. Vertus Energy’s strategic approach to waste-to-energy conversion has garnered praise from industry experts and investors alike.

Driving Impact in the Biogas Market

Vertus Energy’s focus on renewable energy generation from waste highlights the importance of sustainable practices in today’s energy landscape. By repurposing waste materials and leveraging cutting-edge technology, the startup is making significant strides towards a more environmentally friendly future. With a strong foundation of scientific data and a dedicated team, Vertus Energy is set to revolutionize the biogas market and drive positive change in the energy sector.

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