Renewable Energy Zone transmission lines get approval amid worries.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 27, 2024
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Renewable energy projects are vital for a sustainable future, and the recent approval of transmission lines in the NSW Central West Orana Renewable Energy Zone is a significant step in that direction. Despite some community concerns, the state government has given the green light for construction to begin this year, with the project expected to be operational by 2028. This approval marks a milestone as the first in Australia to secure planning for over 200km of powerlines, connecting various renewable projects in western New South Wales to the electricity grid.

Project Approval and Construction

The Central West Orana Renewable Energy Zone will see the construction of more than 200 kilometers of transmission lines to link multiple renewable projects from Dubbo to Mudgee. While there are lingering concerns from some landowners, the majority have signed agreements for the acquisition of parts of their land. The Energy Corporation of NSW (EnergyCo) has been tasked to lead the delivery of the REZ projects, addressing landholders’ worries and making significant amendments to the transmission line alignment to mitigate impacts on water, housing, and the environment.

Community Impact and Compensation

The project has not been without its challenges, with initial backlash reflected in 370 out of 401 submissions opposing the Central West Orana REZ Transmission project. However, efforts have been made to work closely with landowners to ensure the best possible outcomes. Compensation negotiations have also been part of the process, with affected landowners like Colin Seis receiving revised offers after re-valuation of their properties. The company has acknowledged the importance of fair compensation and aims to address concerns raised by the community.

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