PLN teams up with H&M Group for sustainable fashion energy.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 27, 2024
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PT PLN (Persero) has recently announced a groundbreaking partnership with H&M Group to supply 210 Gigawatt hours (GWh) of green energy annually to the Indonesian fashion industry. This collaboration signifies a significant move towards decarbonizing the industrial sector in Indonesia, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

The Landmark Collaboration

The memorandum of understanding on Green Energy As Services (GEAS) Dedicated Source was signed by Nayusrizal, Executive Vice President of PLN, and Jessica Wilhelmsson, Regional Country Manager of H&M Group, solidifying PLN’s dedication to providing eco-friendly electricity solutions. This partnership, aimed at implementing green energy practices, highlights a pivotal moment in promoting sustainability within Indonesia’s fashion industry.

Commitment to Green Energy

Darmawan Prasodjo, President Director of PLN, emphasized the company’s focus on mitigating climate change through the adoption of green energy solutions. This collaboration with H&M showcases a shared commitment to a sustainable future and energy transition within the fashion industry.

Strategic Implementation

Edi Srimulyanti, PLN Retail and Commerce Director, outlined the GEAS Dedicated Source’s implementation by H&M Group in 2025. This service, including a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC), aims to cater specifically to industrial customers seeking renewable energy from PLN’s generators. The agreement underscores a joint vision for sustainability and environmentally friendly practices within the fashion sector.

Transforming Business Models

Jessica Wilhelmsson of H&M Group reiterated their dedication to transitioning towards a circular business model and supporting clean energy initiatives. The partnership with PLN signifies a commitment to achieving systemic changes in the industrial sector, promoting environmental stewardship and carbon neutrality.

Collaborative Efforts for Sustainability

The collaboration between PLN and H&M Group represents a pivotal step towards sustainable development in Indonesia’s industrial landscape. This alignment with global efforts towards environmental stewardship and carbon neutrality sets a notable example for the fashion industry and beyond.

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