Winners of the Solar Eclipse Photo Contest celebrate recent total eclipse.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 26, 2024
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Photography contests are a great way for photographers to showcase their skills and creativity while competing against their peers. One such contest that recently took place was Kolari Vision’s Solar Eclipse Photo Contest. This competition celebrated North America’s recent total eclipse and attracted a wide range of talented photographers. In this article, we will explore the incredible winners of Kolari’s Solar Eclipse Photo Contest and highlight the stunning images that captured the beauty of this natural phenomenon.

Winning Entries of Kolari’s Solar Eclipse Photo Contest

The first-place winner of the Solar Eclipse Photography Contest was Ryan Spangenberg with his unique image of a plane in front of the total eclipse. This captivating shot not only showcases the solar eclipse but also adds a dynamic element with the presence of the airplane. The second and third place winners, Keith Double and Justin Castel, also captured breathtaking moments of totality that impressed the judges.

Two honorable mentions were awarded to Joe Luther and Jonathan Sullivan for their cool composite images that beautifully illustrated all the phases of the eclipse. These photographers demonstrated creativity and technical skill in capturing the essence of the solar eclipse through their lenses.

The Importance of ND Filters in Solar Eclipse Photography

Kolari Vision, known for its infrared filters and camera conversions, used the Solar Eclipse Photo Contest as an opportunity to educate photographers about the importance of using ND filters when photographing eclipses. The 15-stop and 20-stop ND filters provided by Kolari allowed photographers to safely capture images of the solar eclipse without damaging their camera equipment.

ND filters work by reducing the amount of light that enters the camera lens without affecting the color or hue of the image. This is crucial when photographing events like solar eclipses where the intensity of light can be overwhelming. However, it is essential to remember that ND filters are designed to protect camera equipment and should not be used as eye protection when viewing the sun directly.

Upcoming Eclipse Opportunities

For those who missed the recent solar eclipse, an annular eclipse is set to take place on October 2, 2024. This celestial event will be fully visible in South America and partially visible in North America, offering another chance for photographers to capture stunning images of the eclipse. Kolari Vision’s upcoming biannual Infrared Photo Contest is also open for submissions, providing photographers with another exciting opportunity to showcase their work.

Overall, Kolari’s Solar Eclipse Photo Contest highlighted the talent and creativity of photographers who captured the magic of the solar eclipse through their lenses. By using ND filters and technical expertise, these photographers were able to create stunning images that celebrated the beauty of this natural phenomenon.

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