Silfab Solar stays put in Fort Mill thanks to zoning docs.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 26, 2024
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Silfab Solar Company’s decision to remain in Fort Mill has sparked controversy after a recent zoning appeal reclassified the company from light industrial to heavy industrial. This change has raised concerns about the proximity of the solar panel manufacturing facility to residential areas and schools. Despite the decision made by the board of zoning appeals, the county maintains that Silfab Solar will continue its operations in Fort Mill.

Clarifying the Zoning Decision

York County officials have clarified that the zoning appeal decision was specific to the type of manufacturing activity allowed in a light industrial zone, rather than targeting Silfab Solar Company directly. The appeals board emphasized that the decision was not location-specific but pertained to the broader category of solar panel manufacturing in that particular zoning district. This distinction is important to understand the context of the zoning appeal.

Community Concerns and Misinformation

Amidst the zoning controversy, there has been misinformation and rumors circulating in the community regarding Silfab Solar’s operations and the zoning decision. Residents and activists have raised concerns about potential environmental hazards and the impact of the manufacturing facility on the local area. The county has urged residents to carefully review the information provided to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation.

Legal Battles and Community Action

Residents and activists, such as Allison Dilworth, have expressed their intent to challenge the zoning decision and take legal action against Silfab Solar Company. Dilworth emphasized the importance of holding the company accountable and ensuring that they adhere to environmental regulations and safety standards. The community is prepared to fight against the establishment of the manufacturing facility in its current location.

County Response and Future Steps

County officials have highlighted that Silfab Solar received zoning verification in December 2022, permitting them to engage in solar panel manufacturing activities in the designated zoning district. The unanimous decision by the appeals board was seen as final, prompting concerns about the legal standing of the zoning reclassification. Moving forward, the county hopes to address community concerns and maintain transparency in the decision-making process.

Impact on Solar Manufacturing in York County

Following the zoning appeal decision, solar panel manufacturing is no longer allowed in York County across any district due to the absence of specific references in the county code. This restriction has broader implications for the solar industry in the area and may impact future developments and projects related to renewable energy. The county’s stance on solar manufacturing regulations will likely influence the industry landscape in York County.

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