Summit Ridge Energy boosts partnership, buys 800 MW solar panels.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 25, 2024
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Summit Ridge Energy has recently expanded its partnership with Qcells, committing to purchasing 800 MW of solar panels to support its community solar projects in the United States. This collaboration follows a previous commitment of 1.2 GW between the two companies, announced in April 2023 during a statement by Vice President Kamala Harris, marking a significant equipment purchase for the community solar market at that time.

Expanding Clean Energy Initiatives

With the increased commitment totaling 2 GW, Summit Ridge Energy aims to develop over 100 additional community solar projects using solar panels manufactured in the United States by Qcells. This partnership aligns with Qcells’ $2.5 billion investment to establish a comprehensive solar supply chain in the U.S., ensuring that their solar panels are entirely manufactured domestically.

Supporting Domestic Manufacturing

The expansion of Qcells’ manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. coincides with incentives under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), providing tax benefits for domestic energy production and manufacturing. Summit Ridge Energy’s solar projects are eligible for IRA tax credits, increasing access to clean energy savings for low-income households.

Empowering Communities through Solar Energy

Brian Dunn, Chief Operating Officer of Summit Ridge Energy, expressed enthusiasm for the expanded partnership, emphasizing the importance of delivering locally generated clean energy to more Americans. This collaboration supports domestic manufacturing, job creation, and provides affordable clean energy solutions to underserved communities in the clean energy transition.

Driving Sustainable Practices

Summit Ridge Energy’s portfolio of community solar farms is projected to power approximately 200,000 homes and businesses, contributing to a cleaner energy future. Since its establishment in 2017, the company has invested over $2.6 billion in clean energy assets and manages a development pipeline exceeding 3 GW, aiming to expand solar power accessibility nationwide.

Advancing Clean Energy Solutions

Justin Lee, CEO of Qcells, highlighted the broader impact of the expanded partnership, emphasizing the benefits of affordable and sustainable energy solutions for communities. This collaboration supports domestic manufacturing, job creation, and equitable access to the benefits of the clean energy economy, driving economic growth and sustainability in the solar energy sector.

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