Solar Pedilio: Promised to replace cars, vanished from the news.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 25, 2024
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In the world of urban mobility, the quest for sustainable transportation solutions has been ongoing. One such project that aimed to revolutionize inner-city travel was the Solar Pedilio. This velomobile project introduced a solar-powered vehicle that promised to change the way we commute. However, despite its innovative features and potential, the Solar Pedilio mysteriously vanished from the news, leaving many wondering about its fate.

The Rise and Fall of the Solar Pedilio

A few years ago, the Solar Pedilio caught the attention of urban mobility enthusiasts with its unique design and eco-friendly features. What set the Pedilio apart was its integration of solar panels that could extend the vehicle’s range by harnessing solar energy. With a 100 W solar panel on top, the Pedilio could travel up to 30 km per day under optimal conditions.

Despite its compact size, the Solar Pedilio boasted a maximum range of 100 km, thanks to its two batteries with a total capacity of 16 Ah. The presence of a single 250 W motor powering the vehicle’s rear left wheel raised questions about its efficiency, but the Pedilio managed to achieve a top speed of 45 kph, making it suitable for urban environments.

Comfort and Innovation

Designed to shield riders from the elements, the Pedilio featured a shell made of carbon fiber and PET, offering protection from rain, snow, and sunlight. The recumbent bike-style seating ensured a comfortable riding position, while the dual-lever steering system provided easy control and maneuverability akin to a go-kart.

One of the standout features of the Solar Pedilio was its independent suspension system, ideal for navigating various terrains. However, despite its innovative design and promising capabilities, the Pedilio disappeared from the scene after a few years, leaving its fate shrouded in mystery.

The Future of the Solar Pedilio

While the Solar Pedilio may have faded from the spotlight, recent sightings at Spezi 2024 suggest that the project may be making a comeback. With plans to showcase an updated version at future events, the creators of the Pedilio seem to be working on refining their initial concept.

Although the current status and availability of the Solar Pedilio remain unknown, its brief appearance on the urban mobility scene sparked intrigue and excitement. With the potential to revolutionize inner-city travel, the Solar Pedilio serves as a reminder of the ongoing quest for sustainable and innovative transportation solutions.

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