Detroit neighborhoods chosen for solar developments by the city.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 25, 2024
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The City of Detroit has taken a significant step towards combating neighborhood blight and addressing climate change by selecting the first Detroit neighborhoods to house solar fields. This initiative, known as the Solar Neighborhoods project, aims to create 200 acres of solar arrays to power all 127 of the city’s municipal buildings. The first three communities chosen for Phase 1 of the project are Gratiot/Findlay, Van Dyke/Lynch, and State Fair neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Selection and Benefits

Gratiot/Findlay, Van Dyke/Lynch, and State Fair neighborhoods were carefully selected for Phase 1 of the Solar Neighborhoods project. These areas will see 104 acres of vacant land transformed into solar fields. The program offers various benefits to residents, including financial assistance for relocation, energy-efficient upgrades for homeowners, and fair compensation for landlords and vacant landowners.

Impact on Homeowners

Homeowners in the areas designated for solar field construction will receive significant benefits. Owner-occupied homes will receive energy-efficient upgrades such as windows, roof repairs, residential solar panels, and more. Homeowners who choose to relocate will be provided with financial assistance and free rent for a period of time in their new homes. Additionally, landlords and vacant landowners will receive fair market value for their properties according to Michigan’s condemnation law.

Solar Field Development

The development of the solar fields will be a collaborative effort between Lightstar Renewables and DTE Electric Company. The city will retain ownership of the land and lease it to the companies. Lightstar will build 63 acres of solar fields in the Gratiot/Findlay and State Fair neighborhoods, while DTE will construct 40 acres in the Van Dyke/Lynch neighborhood. Both companies will have an equal share in the project, with additional neighborhoods set to be awarded in Phase 2.

Community Benefits and Development

Each neighborhood selected for Phase 1 of the Solar Neighborhoods project will receive specific community benefits. These include acres of solar fields, relocation assistance for homeowners, and energy-efficient upgrades for community benefit homeowners. The development of solar fields in these neighborhoods will not only generate clean energy but also contribute to the overall improvement and sustainability of the community.

By prioritizing renewable energy sources and community well-being, the City of Detroit’s Solar Neighborhoods project sets a positive example for environmental stewardship and urban revitalization. The selection of these first neighborhoods marks a significant milestone in the city’s commitment to sustainability and creating a brighter future for its residents.

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