California’s clean energy goals receive a boost with geothermal agreement.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 25, 2024
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California’s clean energy goals received a significant boost with a recent geothermal deal that promises to propel the state towards achieving 90 percent carbon-free power by 2035. Fervo Energy, an advanced geothermal developer, has inked a deal with one of California’s largest utilities, marking a significant milestone in the state’s clean energy journey. This agreement highlights the potential of geothermal energy to produce electricity round the clock, complementing wind and solar power generation while reducing carbon emissions.

Geothermal Energy: A Reliable Clean Power Source

Fervo Energy, a geothermal startup based in Houston, has rapidly expanded its operations by utilizing drilling techniques from the oil and gas industry to harness heat from the earth and convert it into electricity. The company’s innovative approach has attracted attention, with a recent deal to supply 320 megawatts to Southern California Edison from a new geothermal power plant under development in Utah. This partnership underscores the reliability and clean attributes of geothermal energy, especially in complementing intermittent renewable sources.

Addressing Clean Energy Challenges

Geothermal energy is increasingly seen as a crucial component in the transition to cleaner power generation, especially in providing backup for renewables like wind and solar. While other options such as nuclear and hydro face challenges, geothermal offers a reliable solution without the emissions associated with fossil fuels. Fervo’s technology, which involves horizontal drilling and fracking techniques, has the potential to expand geothermal usage and contribute significantly to reliable electricity generation without carbon emissions.

California’s Commitment to Clean Power

California has been a trailblazer in green energy initiatives, with a focus on transitioning to zero-carbon resources to complement wind and solar power. The California Public Utilities Commission’s mandate for utilities to procure clean firm resources like geothermal aligns with the state’s goal of transitioning away from fossil fuels. Fervo’s agreement with Southern California Edison represents a crucial step towards a cleaner energy future, with the geothermal developer set to build a 400-MW power plant in Utah to meet the state’s clean energy targets.

Overcoming Transmission Constraints for Geothermal Expansion

Despite the potential of geothermal energy, transmission constraints remain a key barrier to its widespread adoption. Fervo Energy is working on securing additional transmission capacity to expand its operations, with plans to develop more megawatts at its Utah site. By navigating regulatory challenges and exploring innovative solutions, geothermal developers aim to enhance the role of this clean and reliable energy source in meeting the growing demand for sustainable electricity generation.

Future Prospects for Geothermal Energy

The success of projects like Fervo Energy’s geothermal power plant in Utah could pave the way for further industry growth and investment. By demonstrating the viability and reliability of geothermal energy, developers can attract interest and support from stakeholders looking to transition to cleaner power sources. As California and other states continue to prioritize zero-carbon energy solutions, geothermal energy is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of sustainable power generation.

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