Brighton family stuck in abyss from failed Aurora solar company.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 25, 2024
Defunct Aurora solar firm leaves a Brighton family “stuck in this abyss”.jpegOrginal image from:

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Challenges Faced by a Brighton Family Due to a Defunct Solar Firm

Josefina Lemus, a resident of Brighton, found herself in a challenging situation due to a defunct Aurora solar company. Blue Sky Solar promised energy efficiency, tax breaks, and lower bills, but things took a turn for the worse for Josefina and her family. The company’s salespeople convinced her husband to sign a $48,000 loan for solar panels, despite their fixed income not justifying such a financial commitment.

Tragically, Josefina’s husband passed away unexpectedly shortly after signing the loan paperwork, leaving the family in a difficult position. The solar panels were never completed, yet the loan payments continued, causing financial strain and preventing the family from selling their home. This has left them feeling trapped and unable to move forward, highlighting the challenges faced by consumers when dealing with defunct companies.

The Legal Battle for Justice

In an effort to seek justice and resolve their situation, Josefina and her daughter AnaRosa Stroh have taken legal action against the solar company and the lending institution. Their attorney, Anita Springsteen, is fighting for the forgiveness of the fraudulent loan, removal of the solar panels, and repairs to the damaged roof of their home. The family hopes that through litigation, they can find closure and move on from this two-year ordeal.

Despite the legal challenges they may face, Josefina and AnaRosa remain determined to reach a resolution and put an end to their struggles. The impact of a defunct solar firm has left them in a difficult position, but their perseverance and commitment to seeking justice serve as a testament to the resilience of consumers facing similar situations.

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