Three top renewable energy stocks for solid investment returns, guaranteed.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 24, 2024
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Investing in renewable energy stocks can offer both growth potential and steady income through utility and dividend yields. Despite being area-intensive, renewable energy sources provide a path to reducing reliance on the power grid, making them a sustainable investment option. Regulatory initiatives supporting zero net goals also improve capital access for renewable energy companies.

Clearway Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ: CWEN)

Clearway Energy has a diversified portfolio across the US, including energy storage, wind, solar, and natural gas operations. Despite a net loss in Q1 earnings, the company maintains strong cash holdings and a healthy debt-to-equity ratio. Clearway’s investments in long-term projects are projected to yield significant cash flow.

Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. (NASDAQ: BEP)

Brookfield Renewable Partners benefits from its parent company, Brookfield Asset Management, and holds a substantial amount of renewable energy assets. With steady revenue growth and a dividend yield, Brookfield remains an attractive investment option. The company’s strategic acquisitions and long-term contracts support its growth forecast.

Eversource Energy (NASDAQ: ES)

Eversource Energy operates in multiple states and aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. With ongoing projects and a focus on growth, Eversource presents a promising investment opportunity. The company’s dividend yield and future growth targets make it an attractive option for investors.

Overall, investing in renewable energy stocks can provide a combination of growth potential and stable income. With a focus on sustainability and regulatory support, these stocks offer long-term value for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

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