INEOS and NextEra Energy start 310MW solar project in Texas.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 24, 2024
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INEOS and NextEra Energy have officially commenced the groundbreaking of a new 310-megawatt solar project in Texas. This significant milestone comes after the two companies signed a renewable power purchase agreement. NextEra Energy Resources is a global leader in renewable energy generation from wind and solar, as well as battery energy storage. The project, known as INEOS Hickerson Solar, will be constructed, owned, and operated by a NextEra Energy Resources subsidiary. It is dedicated to providing clean energy to INEOS O&P USA, covering the electricity load for all 14 of its facilities in the U.S.

Reducing Carbon Footprint Through Solar Energy

The INEOS Hickerson Solar project is expected to produce 730,000 megawatt-hours of clean energy annually, which is equivalent to powering over 68,000 homes each year. This initiative will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 310,000 tons annually. INEOS O&P USA’s CEO, Mike Nagle, emphasized the company’s commitment to adopting renewable energy solutions to reduce carbon footprints across their global operations.

Supporting Renewable Energy Objectives

Petter Skantze, the vice president of infrastructure development at NextEra Energy Resources, expressed the company’s support for INEOS O&P USA’s renewable energy goals. Skantze commended INEOS for leading the way in decarbonizing the petrochemical industry. The INEOS Hickerson Solar project is slated to begin commercial operation by December 2025.

Repurposing Content: Making the Most of Your Efforts

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