Colibri Capital partners with Tongwei for exclusive solar panel distribution.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 24, 2024
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Colibri Capital and Tongwei have joined forces to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for exclusive solar panel distribution in Brazil. This partnership marks a significant milestone in the solar energy industry in Brazil, with Colibri gaining exclusive distribution rights for Tongwei’s solar panels in key regions of the country. The agreement covers both centralized generation (CG) and distributed generation (DG), showcasing a commitment to clean energy production and sustainability.

Strategic Partnership for Solar Panel Distribution

The partnership between Colibri Capital and Tongwei is strategically important for both companies. Colibri sees this collaboration as a valuable opportunity to establish a complete chain of global suppliers for modules, inverters, and batteries in Brazil. This move towards vertical integration within the solar energy generation chain highlights Colibri’s dedication to expanding its clean energy production capabilities and providing a steady supply of panels for its companies.

Expanding Clean Energy Production

Colibri Group, with its robust presence in the solar energy and agroforestry sectors, is poised to make a significant impact with this partnership. With a focus on sustainable development, Colibri Group’s collaboration with Tongwei will contribute to the growth of clean energy production in Brazil. The addition of Tongwei’s high-quality solar panels to Colibri’s portfolio signifies a step towards enhancing clean energy generation and promoting environmental sustainability.

Strategic Goals in the Brazilian Market

For Tongwei, this agreement aligns with the company’s strategic goals in the Brazilian photovoltaic market. The partnership with Colibri reaffirms Tongwei’s commitment to becoming a world-class clean energy operator. By providing advanced solar panel technology to the Brazilian market, Tongwei aims to support the country’s rapid growth in solar energy adoption and contribute to improving the quality of life through sustainable energy solutions.

Introduction of Innovative Solar Panel Products

As part of the agreement, Tongwei will introduce its cutting-edge solar panel products to Colibri’s portfolio. These include modules designed for roof installations, higher energy productivity, and reduced energy loss. By offering innovative solar panel solutions, Tongwei aims to enhance Colibri’s energy production network and provide consumers with efficient and reliable solar energy options.

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