Battolyser® boosts Europe’s green energy sector with Dutch clean tech innovation.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 24, 2024
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Introducing the Battolyser®: A Dutch clean tech innovation that aims to revolutionize Europe’s green energy sector. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, the demand for clean energy sources continues to grow. The Battolyser® offers a unique solution by storing renewable energy in a battery and producing green hydrogen for power stations. This innovative technology has the potential to play a crucial role in Europe’s transition to emissions-free energy.

The Battolyser®: A Game-Changing Electrolyser

The Battolyser® is not your average electrolyser. It is designed to be 100% flexible, unlocking the potential for 100% green hydrogen production. By harnessing power from renewable energy sources and combining it with water, the Battolyser® can efficiently split water into hydrogen and oxygen. This process allows for the generation of emissions-free electricity, making it a key player in the future of energy systems powered by renewables.

The Shift from Grey to Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen is already a widely used resource in various industries, often produced using natural gas and emitting CO2 in the process. The Battolyser® offers an eco-friendly alternative by enabling the production of green hydrogen. Industries currently reliant on grey hydrogen, such as chemical companies and refineries, can transition to green hydrogen with the help of this innovative technology. Additionally, sectors that are challenging to electrify, like heavy transport and shipping, can benefit from the adoption of green hydrogen.

Expanding Across Europe

Based in the Netherlands, the Battolyser® is set to make its mark across Europe. The company is planning to roll out its one-megawatt unit in the Netherlands, with discussions underway to introduce future 2.5 megawatt products to customers throughout Europe. By expanding its reach and impact, the Battolyser® is poised to contribute significantly to Europe’s green energy sector and advance the continent’s sustainability goals.


The Battolyser® represents a significant step forward in clean tech innovation, offering a sustainable solution to Europe’s energy challenges. By storing renewable energy and producing green hydrogen, this Dutch technology has the potential to transform the way we power our industries and communities. As Europe strives to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, the Battolyser® stands out as a beacon of hope for a greener, more sustainable future.

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