Stunning sunspot sparks solar storm, spreading shock and awe.

By Oliver Townsend Jun 23, 2024
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Stunning sunspot AR3664 has become a solar storm factory, continuously erupting and spreading shock and awe on Earth. Researchers are astounded by the explosive nature of this active sunspot region, as it refuses to quiet down despite the turning of the Sun and disappearing from view. The recent eruptions have caused significant solar storms, captivating the attention of people worldwide with auroras visible even in regions like Ladakh, India. The persistence of AR3664 has kept researchers on edge, as it continues to erupt even when not facing Earth, unleashing powerful solar flares that result in radio blackouts and geomagnetic storms.

Unstoppable Solar Storm Factory

Even as the Sunspot AR3664 moved away from Earth’s view, it continued to unleash powerful eruptions, leaving researchers fascinated by its relentless activity. The Solar Orbiter spacecraft captured the sunspot’s intense flare, causing significant disruptions on Earth. This solar storm factory has produced some of the strongest flares in recent history, ranking among the top 10 since 1966, showcasing the sheer power and unpredictability of solar activity.

Explosive Solar Flares

On May 14, the Sunspot AR3664 released a class X8.79 solar flare, causing widespread radio blackouts on Earth. Just six days later, on May 20, an even more powerful X12 solar flare was recorded, marking the strongest flare in the current solar cycle. Despite not being directly aimed at Earth, the solar storm generated by AR3664 on May 27 caused a massive radio blackout in North America, highlighting the far-reaching impact of solar activity on our planet.

Continuous Eruptions

The active sunspot region AR3664 continued its explosive activity, with another eruption recorded on June 11 by the Solar Orbiter spacecraft. Despite being on the other side of the Sun, the spacecraft captured the sunspot’s eruption, underscoring the ongoing threat posed by solar storms originating from AR3664. The relentless nature of this solar storm factory has kept researchers on alert, showcasing the unpredictable and awe-inspiring behavior of our Sun.

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